At ierac-i, we’re working towards building a better future by saving valuable materials from landfill, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the community.

We’ve adopted a sustainable approach to how we do business through our commitment to continually care for the environment. We are always exploring more ways to play our part, but here are some of our highlights:

Waste management
We’re conscious of the volume of waste we generate. We reuse materials wherever possible and recycle non-renewable resources to help keep the environment clean and to enhance biodiversity. We buy and sell our coffee beans in reusable containers, all our soft and hard plastics, metals and paper are taken to local recyclers, and our coffee waste goes directly to customer composts and not landfill.

Renewable energy
We’re reducing our carbon emissions and increasing our reliance on renewable energy with aim to shape a better energy future for our business and the local community. Our 18 solar panels capture the sun’s rays to generate up to 90% of the energy we need for our daily operations. And we’re working on getting that number up to 100% in the near future!